Wods // Compex Box Challenge

For Time: Cap Time 15’

6 rounds (2 each athlete) of:

  • 30m Yoke carry
  • 15 DB devil press
  • 3 Rope climbs


  • Scaled: Yoke 160/100 Kg – Devil Press 1×25/15 Kg
  • Master: Yoke 160/100 Kg Devil Pres 2×25/15 Kg
  • Rx: Yoke 180/140 Kg – Devil Press 2×25/15 Kg
  • Elite: Yoke 180/140 Kg – Devil Press 2×25/15 Kg

The workout begins with the team lined up behind the starting line.

At the call of 3 … 2 … 1 … Go! The first athlete advances along his lane to perform the 30m yoke carry; 15m towards the finish mat and 15m towards the rig.

Once the yoke carry is over, they will move to the designated position to perform the 15 devil press.

After the devil press, they will go to the rig to perform 3 rope climbs.

Once the rope climbs are over, the athlete will switch with their team-mate who will proceed to round 2.

The sequence of movements and the number of repetitions remain unchanged.

Once the last rope climb of the 2nd round is over, they will return to the starting line to take turns with the 3rd athlete of the team.

The workout continues with the same flow and the same repetitions until all rounds are complete.

At the end of the 3rd athlete’s last rope climb, the whole team will run towards the finish mat, where the time and the relative score will be recorded.

It will be up to the athlete to load or unload the yoke to reach the prescribed weight.

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