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The Challenge

We are competitive beings.
We measure ourselves constantly,
against our own standards
and those set for us by others.

Some people lose the competitiveness as they grow up.
Some people shy away from the confrontation.
Some people want to settle for just getting by…some people…
Then there are the “other” ones, the crazy ones.
The ones “some” people won’t compete against.
The ones who only take a step back if it’s to get a better run
at whatever obstacle is in their way.

They are the athletes, the zealous ones, the stubborn ones.
The ones who take “can’t” as a challenge.
The ones prepared to prepare.
At Compex, we support the crazies.
The endurance runners, the triathletes, the fixed gear speedsters
and of course, the crossfitters.

The ones who look for an open gym on their holidays, the ones who rise at 6am to complete a WOD before “some” people start their day.
The ones who compete, who not only don’t shy away from the challenge,
they long for it. They run towards it. They rise to it.
They find like minded people to compete with and against.
They finish the wod and run back to cheer on whoever’s left
on the competition floor.
They’re our kind of crazy.

They’re the reason we created an event just for them, the Compex Box Challenge.

We can’t wait to see you there!

Ready for the challenge? Register today to #CBC20