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CBC20 judges’s call

This event depends largely on the ability of the judge to be fair, accurate, and consistent. The quality of the judging at any event is usually indicative of its reputation and in large part, its success. You will be asked to judge an athlete based on their ability to adhere to the standards we set, as well as count their repetitions. Judging will be your primary responsibility.

CBC20 Judges
CBC20 Volunteers

CBC20 volunteers’s call

Compex Box Challenge wants you!

This group will handle responsibilities in areas such as: Athlete Check-in, corralling athletes, security, ushers, nameplate crew, etc. These individuals are vital to the all-around CBC experience. The Director of Volunteers will assign volunteers in these specific roles.

If you’re a crossfit enthusiast and want to be involved, send your application to Riccardo Bassani.

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Dec 05-06 - Piacenza 2020