III Compex Box Challenge

      It will be organized by Crossfit La Forja, with the production of Envol Marketing Strategy.


      On Internet (www.compexboxchallenge.com) from Monday 16th of April to Tuesday 26th of June 2018, or until the 1,000 registrations available are exhausted.

      The registration fee is:

      • 6€ per person from 2th May to 9th May at 23.59h
      • 8€ per person from 9th May to 31st May at 23.59h
      • 10€ per person from 1st June to 26th June at 23.59h

      If the team qualifies for the final stage, the price will be € 35 per person (including the official shirt of the event + welcome pack)


      All those over 18 years of age who wish to take part in this test will be able to do so, as long as they are properly registered, both in time and form.

      Teams must be made up of 4 people (3 per race + one substitute), with at least one person of each sex representing a Box.


      All teams must have one person of each sex at the time of testing, either 2 Men and 1 Woman or 2 Women and 1 Man, plus a fourth member, optional (Man or Woman).


      • RX (from 18 to 39 years old)
      • Masters (All team members must be 40 years old or mor before the day of the event)



      It will consist in 2 published tests

      Tests 1 and 2:

      They will be published on Saturday 16th of June 2018 at 00:00 on the website www.compexboxchallenge.com

      The teams will have 10 days to carry out the tests, being obligatory to introduce the link of the video when registering the marks in the space destined for this purpose. These tests will end on 26th of June at 23:59.

      In each case, the team must include its brand on the website correctly and within the established deadlines.

      The teams may carry out the tests anywhere, as long as they comply with the instructions in this section. Trademarks may be modified at any time within the period allowed, and it is mandatory that they be accompanied by the link to the video in accordance with the registered trademark.

      It is mandatory that each team be recorded performing the Qualifying Phase tests (see recording requirements).

      The organization reserves the right to verify the videos to the first 90 classified teams, in order to verify that the brands included correspond to reality and meet the requirements of weight, time, technique, etc. demanded in each test.

      The organization will contact each classified team by e-mail, which must reply as soon as possible with the confirmation of attendance and the validation of the registration for the competition.


      The on-site event will be held on 19/20/21 of October 2018 at Resort Marina d'Or in Oropesa del Mar.

      The teams classified after the first phase will be 100 teams distributed in:

      Rx: 80 Teams

      Masters: 10 Teams

      Invitados: 10 Teams

      All qualified teams will carry out 6 tests over the two days. All tests are designed to be performed by 3 athletes, with a minimum of one of each sex being mandatory.

      Friday October 19 will be held 1 test, (Approximate start time 16.00pm Subject to possible changes)

      Saturday 20 October

      4 tests will be held

      Sunday, October 21, 1 test will be held.


      The score will be cumulative and the winning team will be one who accumulates most points at the end of the 6 tests.

      • 1st place -----> 70 points
      • 2nd place -----> 69 points
      • 3rd place -----> 68 points
      • ...
      • 10th place -----> 60 points
      • 11th place -----> 59 points
      • 12th place -----> 58 points
      • ...
      • 70th place -----> 1 point


      The participation in the qualifying phase will be made through a video recording showing the result of each test. Each team must be recorded during the Qualification Phase tests.

      You must start with a small intro where you must say the name of the team you registered with and the name of the Box you belong to.

      It must be seen at all times during the entire video to the athlete/team that perform the wod.

      • The video must be clearly visible to both the athlete and all materials.
      • The execution of the exercises must be perfectly visible
      • All material to be used in the test (bar, discs, weights, etc.) must be displayed.
      • In the event that team members are unable to meet for the event, such qualifying events may be individual.
      • This means that it will not be mandatory to be together at the time of recording.
      • In this case the video that is sent to the organization must be edited in such a way that the exercises of each athlete can be seen in it (only one video per wod and team). The order of the exercises in the video must coincide with the order requested in each wod


        The t-shirts and welcome pack will be delivered to the qualified teams at the Marina d'Or Resort on Friday 19 October from 12 noon onwards. The pre-competition briefing will be held on the same Friday. It is essential to present the receipt that is given at the time of registration, having to be the entire team to withdraw your registration.


        The Organization will have medicalized evacuation ambulances and a specialized medical service attending the competitors.


        By registering, the participants give their consent for COMPEX and the main sponsors of the Event (Compex), by themselves or through third parties, to automatically process their personal data for exclusively sporting, promotional or commercial purposes. In accordance with the provisions of Organic Law 15/1999, of December 13, 1999, on the Protection of Personal Data, the participant has the right to access these files in order to rectify or cancel all or part of their content. To do so, you must request in writing to Envol Marketing Strategy at hello@envolmarketing.com. In addition, and in accordance with the sporting, promotional, distribution and operating interests of the Compex Box Challenge, the entrants expressly authorise Envol Marketing Strategy and Compex to use photo advertising without any time limit, videos and any other type of photographic or audiovisual material in which it may appear, accepting the publication of my name in the classification of the test, in the media, cinema and/or Internet, without expecting any remuneration for this concept.


        You can contact us through the mail hello@envolmarketing.com to solve any kind of information.


        The event has a championship character and the sports activity chosen will be all types of functional exercises. All participants should know that the organization warns that throughout the event all kinds of movements and exercises with different weights, intensities and difficulty used in this discipline (thruster, loaded, dominated, double skipping, etc.) will be performed.

        Therefore, we warn all those people who want to participate in this championship, that they must have enough knowledge and practice in this discipline to be able to do whatever exercise is established in the championship.

        The Organization of the championship reserves the right to include any exercise in the program of the championship, being the responsibility of the participant to cover the needs of each of the exercises imposed.

        It is recommended that participants have at least 6 months of practice in this type of exercise and be in good health.

        The championship has Civil Liability Insurance for public sporting events.

        This event will be photographed, recorded and disseminated in different media, including social networks (Facebook, Twitter, etc.) that the organization deems appropriate. The organization understands that all participants who register accept the conditions described above.

        Judges: All judges are Level 1 Trainers or, failing that, Inefc graduates with more than 1 year of practice in this type of championship.

        Safety: All the participants will have an Accident Insurance that will cover them in case of any accident that may happen during the championship.


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